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What is the TL&F Network?

The Tim Lee Friends Network is a collective of pastors, youth pastors, Christian educators, and ministry leaders who are committed to expanding their understanding of Generations Y, Z and Gen Alpha, in order to better reach them.

The content presented herein will expose members to the thoughts, influences, and culture of the aforementioned generations. Network members are encouraged to keep both an open mind and a spirit of discernment in order to fully benefit from the aims of the collective:

  1. To appreciate the uniqueness in Generations Y, Z, and A

  2. To lesson the distance between the older and younger generations

  3. To authentically relate to Generations Y, Z, and A 


The Network is essentially a think tank of leaders and influencers who are serious about impacting such change.  Our collective will dive deep into the problems that impact our specific ministries, brainstorm strategies, implement solutions, and record the results.  Network members get access to the weekly videos, lesson plans, and slide deck each month; but also ALL of the following benefits: 

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