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The GOD in Youth

Dear Parents,

Have you noticed how your children and others in their generation seem more advanced than we did growing up? Do you think that's because we are providing them with more resources than our parents provided us? Or is it something else? I think it's something else; especially since the kind of advancement to which I am referring is spiritual in nature. But let me forewarn you... what I think doesn't fit the traditional interpretations of scripture.

Hear me out, anyway.

One of the main reasons, from my surveying, that people are turned off by the Christian Faith is the adamancy of Christian leadership to insist that only certain interpretations of Scripture are valid. This is presenting itself to be such an issue at present because the younger generations are seeing what the older generations have been unable to see. It’s important for me to say that this inability to see is not because their eyes were not opened; it is more in line with the fact that what is being seen today had not yet been revealed. So it is not my intent to “throw shade” at older generations. Instead, I want to highlight how the souls being born into Earth in recent decades are advanced souls which have returned with a spiritual maturity to match what the world needs now.

Superficially, we see this advancement as a spike in natural intelligence, an increased rate at which complex concepts are understood, or even as a gift of extraordinary talent. The true expression, however, has yet to be manifested as many of these “old souls” have been spiritually stifled.

The way I see it, the younger generations have been to be the carriers of a revelation (message from GOD) that other generations were not granted. This makes them the chosen ones. And although they are not necessarily theologically trained or experientially wise, they have a message the world needs now and a job the world needs filled now. No, the message may not come in the style many are used to. There may be cussing; there may be fussing; the name of Jesus may never be mentioned; the elements of the Eightfold Path may not be understood; they may neither have the discipline to meditate for hours on end. But because of the state of emergency the planet is in, advanced souls have been born that don’t require all the formalities to reconnect to higher causal levels. And the world needs to listen. The church needs to listen. Failure to hear may have impacts on the future of humanity that we cannot yet fathom.

There’s a song that I grew up singing in church with the lyrics, “if we ever needed the Lord before, we sure do need Him now.” I don’t think anyone would disagree with the fact the world needs the Lord now more than ever. The problem arises, however, because we can’t agree with how the Lord is going to look when “He” arrives. And in the same way the scribes and teachers of Jesus’ day didn’t expect the Lord to come from a poor, unwed young mother and (into the synagogues with no education or training in the traditional ways of the culture), we may not expect “Him” to come in a particular way. “He” may come as a teenaged girl doing poorly in school, as an unwanted boy yearning for unity of the nations, as an uneducated man trying to find his way in society or as an uncultured woman championing the cause of justice.

Heck, “He” may have even come back in you—AS you—but you're so adamant about how others have interpreted "His" return, that you can’t see even see the power and beauty in that possibility.

In the end, our children are special. Very special. And although we may not fully agree with the philosophies in this post, I am sure we can agree that GOD has touched this generation in a way that we will look back in amazement and say, "this is the Lord's doing; and it's marvelous in our eyes!"

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